Women dating in the 1920s

During the Victorian age, few people outside the wealthiest families attended college, and even then it was primarily men. With general malaise among the youth who looked to the future with a new cynical eye, they turned to universities to study and to have fun.

Men and women in the 1920s began attending classes in record numbers and college applications soared. college campuses but marked a turning point in the lives of young people; for now on, they would throw off their elders shackles and make an impression on the face of their country.

Female students also shocked their elders by drinking illicit alcohol and attending petting parties (more on these later).

Much of this was made possible by the fact of distance between the young women and their families.

By the end of the decade, 20 percent of college-age Americans were enrolled in college. Young people for once were making headlines instead of their parents.

For example, a grind or grund was a student who spent his time studying and was generally thought of as boring.

But letterman sweaters became increasingly popular as the attention to college sports took off.

And the best-dressed man on campus would have a raccoon coat to wear at night and knickerbockers for the weekends.

One trend was the wearing of colorful bandanas, around the head and the waist.

It was also popular to don yellow rain coats and to wear ones galoshes open.

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