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Son of Mikkos Cassadine and Helena Cassadine of the Cassadine family.

Kidnaps Lulu Spencer and Sam Mc Call, eventually holding them hostage at The Haunted Star.

Roommate to Heather Webber in the Forest Hill Sanitarium.

Dies during a shootout, after being shot by Joe Scully, Jr.

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In 2001, Dunst made her singing debut in the film Get Over It, in which she performed two songs.

Robs Kelly's Diner and shoots Jagger Cates when Jagger protects Ruby Anderson.

Supposedly falls to his death after fighting with Jason Quartermaine and Jagger Cates, but resurfaces and is sent to prison.

Shot and killed on Helena's orders when she refused to be part of her mother's plots anymore.

Developed an obsession with Laura Spencer, then with her daughter, Lulu.

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