Updating yellow pages listing for businesses danielle fishel dating 2016

This article was originally written in 2010 and the truth of this statement has been, and continues to be, very true. Instead, he’s stuck paying for words on a yellow sheet of paper that are sending customers to the wrong address. Boy, could I list about 50 reasons for this one, but we’ll just give 4 for the sake of time: Man, I feel for you.Heck, I feel for all the small business owners out there that have been swooned into thinking the Yellow Pages is still a viable marketing platform.Besides Google, Yahoo, & Bing, there are still many instances where duplicate listings can exist.What we suggest is that one should wait a while for the dust settle after performing the first two NAP correction steps before tackling the remaining small time venues.But to answer your question, if I were your accountant I’d just go ahead and put the Yellow Pages at the back of my ‘To-Pay’ list. I’m not sure if the person that typed it in was asking a question or if they were making a toast.So if they were asking a question, please refer back to #3.

We then need to manually claim and update (or delete) the listing with each individual listing website.In this phase we instantaneously correct a business NAP, simultaneously, across 60 of the most popular business directory sites including well know venues such as Bing Local, Yahoo Local, City Search, Super Pages, Merchant Circle, Yelp, etc, etc.Before we discovered Yext, we spent way too much time manually claiming listings and/or contacting the individual webmasters with requests to update listing information.🙂 But seriously, if a big company still heavily investing in Yellow Pages advertising in this day and age then they likely need to fire their head of marketing. Yes, there are a few businesses where phone book listings are still very beneficial, like pizza delivery companies, but even they are now seeing more and more of their phone calls and orders being placed online.So, let’s all say it together: Small businesses do NOT need to be in the Yellow Pages!! Just think, if this person’s marketing was all internet based, he could make the necessary changes at NO COST.

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