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SOLUTION: Create a desktop shortcut to execute the BAT file, which in turn will execute the line command….you still with me?I created a shortcut and pointed it to my batch file.In other words, you’ll have an unpredictable series of Guids that make diagnosing problems rather difficult. Again, you will get a default Prog Id based on the namespace and the class name, but Prog Ids need to be unique to a system, so the best practice is to base them on a company name and a product name rather than let the default be generated.A Prog Id is a human-readable way to identify a COM class.

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There are probably plenty of Prog Ids out there already called something like means that this interface supports both early and late binding.

I created another BAT file to remove a DLL from the GAC in case the need should arise. I can’t imagine why updating the GAC has been made into such a chore in Windows 7. @Jim, I don't know what you were doing, but I was in as an account with local Admin privileges and could not drag/drop DLLs in the GAC running Explorer as an Admin.

Hopefully there is a service pack in the works that will give developers the functionality they had in Windows XP, but in the meantime, this workaround is extremely useful. Been trying to figure this one out for a while, is awesome you were able to do it and write about it.

), or I can leave the parameter and drag the DLL file to the shortcut and drop it.

Sweet, drag-and-drop works for me….if I use the drag-and-drop method, there is no way for me to right-click and select “Run As Administrator”. I simply have to adjust the properties of the shortcut I created and I am in business.

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