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Many communities had their own professional matchmakers to make the pairings in the village or town.

While Ireland has moved on from those days, matchmaking is still a booming industry in the 21 century, at a time when convenience and technology is the name of the game, matchmaking companies provide a more personal investment opportunity in finding the one.

We meet with you over a coffee and chat about your life, family, work, travel, hobbies etc.The appeal of matchmaking seems to be the human element.There are no algorithms slotting people together based on corresponding traits, there is a real team of people in a room in Dublin figuring out who is best for you to meet with.And with a success rate of 1 in 4, the odds of finding a long term bae through matchmaking seem to be in your favour.While the success rates are high, some people scoff at the thought of matchmaking for fear of looking desperate.

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    I love the art and it looks fun to play but I cant play it because it doesn't show me how many days I have or energy or money.