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There are more than 30 types of infections that can be transmitted orally.

Nowadays, doctors use the term "sexually transmitted It's a two-way street.

The amendment to the Social Order and Maintenance Act stipulates local governments can designate a special sex trade zone for consenting adults.

However, all 22 county and city mayors have spoken against fencing off a sex zone in their district on fears of a surge in crime rates and a plunge in real estate values.

Some are skeptical that changes will appease the general public.

One of those skeptics, Aletheia University law professor Wu Jing-jin, told China Real Time the new rules don’t do enough to clamp down on prostitution-related crimes, adding that morally conservative Taiwan would need to undergo a monumental and “near impossible social overhaul” before its citizens would be willing to accept a commercial sex zone such as the one in Holland.

Prostitution, once a thriving industry and an important source of tourism in Taiwan, was first regulated by the government in 1956 when it stipulated only licensed brothels were allowed to operate and that the brothels must close down after the original owner died or be taken over by a member of the immediate family .

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That’s the question critics are asking after the Taiwan government announced last week that it was adjusting penalties and relaxing the restrictions around prostitution in a move it said is aimed at improving and cleaning up the island’s sex industry.

When you break down the math, 80 percent of people carry the herpes simplex virus (like cold sores), the most commonly transmitted STI from oral sex; 50 percent of sexually active people have genital warts caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which, when orally transmitted, is thought to be a cause of head and neck cancers. HIV and hepatitis transmission via oral sex is low, but if there are open sores in the mouth and they come in contact with ejaculate, the risk magnifies significantly. crabs) are nasty little parasites that require only brief contact to catch—carpet munching included.

If you're the one receiving oral sex, the risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis is extremely low, but put on the breaks if the cunning linguist has fresh piercings, bleeding gums, or canker sores. Oral sex has been shown to transmit crabs to eyelashes and eyebrows—not a pretty look. You have to set your own limits on the risks you're willing to take with a romp in the hay. If you can give head, I'm sure you can have a conversation about safe sex.

But once the legal threshold is raised, it creates a bigger loophole for the crime rings and corrupt officials to extort the sex workers,” she wrote.

Unlike some other developing countries such as Botswana, where the government is considering legalizing the trade to combat the spread of HIV, comments from Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior suggest Taipei is motivated less by health concerns and more by public pressure to regulate a controversial trade.

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