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The advisory guidelines discuss weekend time (limited or extended), mid-week time sharing (just an evening or overnight), ways to alternate holidays, summer vacation, the mechanics of time-sharing (notice, transportation, etc.), and other special circumstances.

The visitation guidelines provide a frame of reference for someone who has trouble comprehending how parents living in different homes will share time with a child.

Like other states, Oklahoma courts use the "best interests of the child" standard to decide child custody and visitation issues.

This article answers some common questions about Oklahoma custody and visitation rules.

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You can find all of our articles on custody and visitation in our Child Custody area.It is always in a child's best interests when parents who live separately can agree on how to share physical time with the children.Emotions can cloud a good parent's judgment in this circumstance.Child custody refers to all parental rights in the rearing of the child, including the right to direct a child's activities and to make decisions regarding the child's care and control, education, health, and religion. Fathers and mothers have the same legal right to seek custody of or visitation with their minor children.This is true in both dissolution of marriage and paternity actions.

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