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The match involves about 150 men on either side and is a contest between the parishes of St Michael and St Paul.

The goals are decorated with greenery and stand about 400 yards apart.

However, with the majority of the nuclear explosions taking place in the Tyne and Wear valleys the radioactive fallout from the blasts to the majority of the Northumberland was greatly reduced.

Within three days refugees began arriving in the south of the region, many died due to the effects of the radiation, mass graves were dug during October near the town of Morpeth.

it has been announced that the primogeniture rule (male children having right of rule over older female siblings) has been abolished and the eldest child (no matter the sex) will rule both the kingdom of Northumbria and Cleveland. Upon the accession of the then King George and Queen Zara to their respective thrones the kingdoms shall unite under the name of the United Kingdoms of Northumbria and Cleveland or UKNC Upon the accession of the first child of Zara and George (Prince Michael James George Percy) to both thrones, the Kingdoms unite as one Kingdom and will change their names to the Kingdom of Albion.

On New Years Day 2010 it was announced from the Royal Palace of Wynyard that the Crown Princess Zara and her husband Crown Prince George are expecting their first child, it is expected to be born mid August.

15th May 2010 it is announced that Princess Regent Zara is pregnant with identical twin boys.

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The new recruits were included into the reformed Percy Tenentry Military Volunteers, armed from the castle armoury and divided into three divisions of 250 personnel they were sent out into the Northumberland countryside to maintain order in the name of the Duke.

The game starts with the ball being sent over the Barbican of the Castle to the crowd assembled below.

It was then kicked through the streets of the town.

Every person in the kingdom can vote for his or her local thaine as long as: Northumbria News 2010-11 19th February 2012 The Albion Railway Company along with the Northumbrian Witain have announced the renovation of the former west coast main line linking Carlisle with the Duchy of Lancaster, Once this line has been completed (with a provisional date of mid August 2012) another line will be laid on the A74 and will link the Celtic Alliance city of Glasgow with Carlisle.

Provisional train stations will be for the completed line will be Glasgow (CA), Motherwell (CA), Lockerbie (CA), Carlisle (Northumbria), Penrith (WFT), Oxenholme (WFT) and Lancaster (Duchy of Lancaster).

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