Rules for dating a cop evow dating

If that's how I help people what do you think I do when I'm pissed off? I know exactly what clues to look for to prove it was arson…so I also know how to make sure nobody can tell how a fire started... It's normal for me to carry chainsaws, axes, and various other extremely sharp tools in my car.Touch my little girl and me and you take a little ride.During my time as a volunteer with a local pd I saw plenty of times how the cops who were married were having relationships on the side and it was completely permissable and the brass knew of it but always kept it under the rug out of fear of the PD getting bad pr...

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I use the Jaws of Life to tear doors off wrecked cars.

I am normally a very friendly person, but if you hurt my little girl you will make me mad.

I know my little girl is growing up, even if I don't like it.

I've since realized what a mistake I would be making being a cop..don't get paid much, they deal with A LOT of stuff that they will keep to themselves which in turn they drink too much or party hard cuz hey they are a police they figure they can get away with it...

Keep in mind not all are like this but these descriptions I've given represent a thin majority of them though... I think they get the "not intelligent" rap because they are quiet...

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