Resorting to online dating

Do it if you are attracted to older men and are looking for companionship with someone who has money.

“We have a brilliant time and I don't have to worry about money while I establish myself as a fashion designer.” As well as paying her the fee, he also pays for luxury holidays and designer clothing but Liya is adamant that their relationship is perfectly acceptable.She joined the site for 18 months and dated many older men.She said, “It is an easy way for well-educated attractive girls to make money.Circa 2007, hardly anyone would fess up to using an online dating service, and those that did– or were caught in the act by a pal or coworker– would claim that “it’s just for fun, nothing serious, no expectations. ”In the same study, 80% of people who have used online dating agree that it is a good way to meet people, while only 16% participants agree with the statement, “People who use online dating sites are desperate.” Furthermore, despite the data being incomplete, we can confidently say that anywhere from 7% to a full third of modern marriages are between couples that first met online.In a few short years, online dating has gone from a punchline-slash-last resort to the surest bet in the search for a soulmate or one time booty call.

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