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In prokaryotes, m RNAs lacking termination codons or containing rare codons can be stuck on the elongating ribosomes that carry a stalled polypeptide chain.Transfer-messenger RNA (tm RNA), in complex with Small protein B (Smp B), frees the stalled ribosomes for new rounds of protein synthesis and targets both the problematic m RNAs and the incomplete proteins for degradation (for a recent review, see Moore and Sauer 2007). Using structural probes, additional reactivity changes on tm RNA in the presence of the Smp B protein were mapped outside the TLD (Metzinger et al. These data suggest that Smp B could bind tm RNA at different locations during the dynamic process of -translation, including tm RNA accommodation, message swapping, and tag translation.Dissociation constants between these RNAs and Smp B from were derived by surface plasmon resonance (SPR) combined with filter binding assays.Three independent experimental evidences, including filter binding assays, SPR, and concentration titrations of the RNA–protein reactivity changes toward structural probes, indicate that the binding site that has the highest affinity for the protein is located outside the t RNA domain, upstream of the internal tag.archdapifer, archdapifership, archdeaconship, archdeaconships, archdepredator, archdespot, archdiplomatist, archplunderer, archpretender, archpriesthood, archshepherd, armorplated, armpad, arpeggiando, arpeggiated, arpeggioed, arthroendoscopy, arthropod, arthropodal, arthropodan, arthropodous, arthropods, arthropody, arthrotyphoid, artocarpad, aryepiglottidean.backdrop, backdropped, backdropping, backdrops, backdropt, backpacked, backpedal, backpedaled, backpedaling, backpedalled, backpedalling, backpedals, backslapped, backspaced, backspeered, backspeired, backspliced, backspread, backstopped, backstrapped, bacteriorhodopsin, bacteriorhodopsins, bagpiped, bagpod, bagpudding, baldpate, baldpated, baldpatedness, baldpates, ballistocardiograph, ballistocardiographic, ballistocardiographies, ballistocardiographs, ballistocardiography, bandgap, bandpass, bandspreading, bandstop, bankrupted, baptised, baptized, bardship, bardships, barhopped, basidiocarp, basidiophore, basidiospore, basidiospores, basidiosporous, basipodite, basipoditic, basipterygoid, basisphenoid, basisphenoidal, bawdship.

His prophecy is probably to be dated relatively early in Josiah's reign, before that king's attempt at reform (and while conditions brought about by the reigns of Manasseh and Amon still prevailed) and before the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal's death in 627 (while Assyria was still powerful, though threatened).

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Poetry Soup is a great resource for examples of preaccommodating poems or a list of preaccommodating poetry.

In three chapters Zephaniah ranges through the major prophetic themes of judgment and salvation.

The book announces judgment in comprehensive terms matched only by the extensiveness of God's transformation and restoration.

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