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A Campaign must be well-described, understandable and suitable for general audience. Rude and negative comments included in the instructions will not be allowed. I will have your Microworkers account banned, etc.).

Instructions and proofs should be written in a brief and clear manner as possible, listed in numbers and with no repetition of instructions. Avoid including CAPS-locked comments (like IMPORTANT, MUST, WARNING and !!! A positive and friendly tone will always be appreciated. Must not request any form of illegal or harmful activities. When reviewing finished tasks submitted by Workers, Employers should use fair judgment; if a submitted task is finished as required, Employer must mark such task as "satisfied".

Low success rate prevents a Worker from performing jobs for the next 30 days. Worker who participates in PR Link campaign must maintain the PR link for 1 year from the date of submission.

Removal of PR Link before 1 year period will result in account termination. Worker who participates in Article campaign must ensure the submitted article is unique, original and does not contain any copied content.

All items must be returned in the same condition as despatched along with a copy of the e Bay invoice.

Every Campaign must meet the conditions described below. We take spam & scam very seriously and are against it.

In order to protect Employers we will not tolerate any action or any activity that could harm Employers' satisfaction.

Campaigns involving/promoting adult, illegal, violent and negative content will not be supported. Employers should understand that each Basic Campaign is basically a job offered to a minimum of 30 workers while each HG campaign is a job offered to a minimum of 1 worker. International campaigns must be directed to the general users/Workers and not selective to a few countries only. If a task is incomplete, click “Revise” and provide a valid reason to allow Worker to complete his task.

If a task did not satisfy requirements, Employer must mark such task as "not satisfied" and provide a valid reason for disapproving the worker's proof. Employers will only pay for tasks that satisfied requirements ("satisfied").

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