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@Endpoint public class Company Directory Endpoint implements Company Directory Service { @Payload Root(local Part = "Person Request", namespace = " public Person Response get Person(Person Request person Request) throws Datatype Configuration Exception .Given that the message is appropriate for the adapter the adapter transformes the message with the configured marshaller.We will now step through these processes to get an understanding of how this sequence of events is encoded in our application. The servlet mapping would map the soap request passing it on to determine its endpoint mapping.The interface Detects @Payload Root annotations on @Endpoint bean methods.The Person Request/Person Response elements deal with single Person operations such as: create, read, update and delete (crud).Looking first at the Lets backup a bit and take a higher level view of what is happening here.This installment will add a SOAP service but we will put off writing the client until the next article and in its place we will utilize an useful application called Soap UI to test our SOAP service.

These classes are utilized in the application as shown above in the snippet from Company Directory where we are utilizing classes such as Person Request and Person Response which are both products of this generation process.

There are two ways to implement web services: Spring has chosen to implement the contract-first approach.

They have,discussed this point in the Spring Web Services Reference in Chapter 2. To summarize, from their article, the key advantages to this approach are: In the schema we will model the entity classes and the messages that we wish to send through our SOAP service.

These classes are not actually written directly in java but are generated from their XSD definition via the SUN xjc compiler. To get a feel for writing the XSD definitions we will work through the definition of the Person Request/Person Response elements.

First note that there are xml elements to deal with the Person class both singly and in a collection.

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