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By law, Augustus held a collection of powers granted to him for life by the Senate, including supreme military command, and those of tribune and censor.It took several years for Augustus to develop the framework within which a formally republican state could be led under his sole rule.

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Beyond the frontiers, he secured the Empire with a buffer region of client states and made peace with the Parthian Empire through diplomacy.

His father, also named Gaius Octavius, had been governor of Macedonia.

Philippus claimed descent from Alexander the Great, and was elected consul in 56 BC.

He reformed the Roman system of taxation, developed networks of roads with an official courier system, established a standing army, established the Praetorian Guard, created official police and fire-fighting services for Rome, and rebuilt much of the city during his reign. He probably died from natural causes, although there were unconfirmed rumors that his wife Livia poisoned him.

He was succeeded as Emperor by his adopted son (also stepson and former son-in-law) Tiberius.

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