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I don't hide anything or hold anything back; the only people I explicitly discussed it with as a 'coming out' experience were a few of my close friends.

I formally came out to my best friends a few years ago via group text.

Whether you're nervous or think coming out is NBD, it'll probably be an unforgettable moment.

Below, 30 people recall the moment they first discussed their sexuality with their friends, family, and therapists.

I'm out to my closest friends, some teachers, my mom, and some not-so-close peers that I know are cool if I casually come out to them in conversation." — Kelli, 17"I came out as bisexual for the first time to my best friend, who is gay himself.

I am out to most of my friends and my parents." — Hannah, 18"It started out that I was constantly joking with friends by saying 'Oh, yeah, I'm totally bi,' but they never took it seriously, and I didn't either. I think I really realized I was bi when I switched my Tinder to all girls, and actually kissed a girl.

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