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Then when Samson gets his first case, investigating the supposed suicide of a local man, things take an unexpected turn, and soon he discovers a trail of deaths that lead back to the door of Delilah's agency.

With suspicion hanging over someone they both care for, the two feuding neighbours soon realize that they need to work together to solve the mystery of the dating deaths.

However, his desire to love and be loved by women prompted him to go clubbing every night, practicing and testing various ways to implement social interactions with people.

Over a period of trial and error of more than ten years, "and many, many mistakes," Mystery created what has evolved into what is now known as Love Systems (formerly Mystery Method).

Because we want to set you up on a blind date with a book!Mystery taught and then befriended the writer Neil Strauss, who became Mystery's wingman and eventually a mentor in the seduction community.Along with a group of other former students, Mystery and Strauss shared a mansion in Hollywood ("Project Hollywood"), which soon became a focal point for potential students.Their friendship is told in the book of Strauss's method, The Game.In 2004, Mystery formed a partnership with another dating advisor, Nick Savoy, to form the Mystery Method Corporation, although Mystery stopped teaching in regular programs in mid-2005.

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  1. Feb 2, 2014. I had just been telling someone about the old board game Mystery Date. The premise was that each player girls, of course, had to assemble an outfit that matched the date a guy, of course the game was originally issued in 1965, after all. The date was chosen by twirling the plastic doorknob and opening.… continue reading »

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