Marvell back dating

Not for me the cold, calm kiss Of a virgin's bloodless love; Not for me the saint's white bliss, Nor the heart of a spotless dove.

But give me the love that so freely gives And laughs at the whole world's blame, With your body so young and warm in my arms, It sets my poor heart aflame.

I Love You by Sara Teasdale When April bends above me And finds me fast asleep, Dust need not keep the secret A live heart died to keep.

When April tells the thrushes, The meadow-larks will know, And pipe the three words lightly To all the winds that blow.

A Widow Bird Sate Mourning For Her Love by Percy Bysshe Shelley A widow bird sate mourning for her Love Upon a wintry bough; The frozen wind crept on above, The freezing stream below.

There was no leaf upon the forest bare, No flower upon the ground, And little motion in the air Except the mill-wheel's sound.

So kiss me sweet with your warm wet mouth, Still fragrant with ruby wine, And say with a fervor born of the South That your body and soul are mine.

Clasp me close in your warm young arms, While the pale stars shine above, And we'll live our whole young lives away In the joys of a living love.

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The Lover Pleads With His Friend For Old Friends by William Butler Yeats Though you are in your shining days, Voices among the crowd And new friends busy with your praise, Be not unkind or proud, But think about old friends the most: Time's bitter flood will rise, Your beauty perish and be lost For all eyes but these eyes.When you are experiencing love in all its glory, what better way to express it than through “love poems”.Our love poems will help you express to your beloved exactly how you're feeling.They queerly find some healing so, And strange attainment in the touch; There is a secret lovers know, -I have read as much.And theirs no longer joy nor smart, Changing or ending, night or day; But mouth to mouth, and heart on heart, -So lovers say.

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