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Gabriella said: 'I find so much comfort in talking about Poppy, I even enjoy crying about her.It feels so good to let it out and sit by her grave and have a cry.'People ask if having her photos around the house make me more upset but it doesn't.Poppy was kept in a 'cold room' at the hospital after she was born so over the next three days, Gabriella and Matthew could take their daughter out for an hour at a time to bathe her, dress her, cuddle her and introduce her to their family.Before the baby's body was taken for a post-mortem, the parents had her blessed by her grandfather with holy water and sat down for a final meal with their daughter.The parents keep photos of Poppy around the house in frames and Gabriella said she loves it when people ask about her little girl instead of trying to pretend the birth never happened.

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'I had always imagined it would be a happy time but knowing our baby wasn't alive anymore made it awful.'Giving birth was the saddest thing I have ever gone through.The Eminem Show had just went triple platinum making it the 2nd highest selling album of the year next to Nellyville.He also tried his acting hand out in Hollywood with his debut on his own bio pic titled 8 Mile.No mother should have to experience what it is like to go through nine months of pregnancy and leave hospital with no baby.But it does happen and people need to talk about it more.'Gabriella and Matthew, who discovered they were expecting shortly after they started dating last year, were picking up the final bits and pieces ahead of the baby's arrival when Gabriella realised she hadn't felt the baby move that day.

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