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There is a lot of dating advice out there for Christians but all of it comes from the Protestant, evangelical point of view.If anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.Moses James I would like to thank you for your response. Do you mean that a young person like me should not date at all? I know that I am to trust God that he will find a mate that is fitting for me.But the thing is how will I know who that mate is if I am not active and doing my part.i have started to recite it whenever i find my mind wandering into areas that it shouldn't and i have found it quite effective.sinjin, its unfortunate there aren't more ladies your age attending church.ironically, i don't think i have achieved any of that.

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my conclusion thus far, therefore is, that whether you date regularly or not, this will not necessarily increase your chances of finding a partner.At my church, I am the only one my age(college age) and there are not women around my age to meet there. It seems very hard today to meet a woman who is a devout Christian and has not had multiple sex partners.Right now I am pessimistic about finding someone but I am not in a hurry to get married. The Jesus Prayer solves loneliness and erotic impulses.and out of that if a relationship is born, i will surely know it was God's will.this of course extends to all of our Godly endeavours in life.

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