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A few times in my life a girl I had begun dating attempted this “we can sleep together and cuddle as long as you keep your hands to yourself” routine.This magnificent shit test is just about the most selfishly indulgent act of cruelty a woman can foist on a man.If you ever wondered whether women have *any* empathy at all for how a man feels and thinks, the “sleep but no sex” shit test should answer your question: Women don’t have a clue about the male sex drive, and of those that do have a clue they are cunty sadists if they pull this stunt.I learned my lesson the hard way (quite hard) and ever since have responded in one of two ways: 1.The old rules of behavior for unmarried girls were designed to protect pinheaded females like this.Feminists have robbed those dimbos of that safety and thrown them to the wolves.) Roissy agrees with me about the proper way to treat women who act like this: A better response would have been to keep your cool, get dressed, and drive her home silently.When I started reading PUA stuff, I found that some of their principles were things I had figured out about women through brutal experience.

They love the validation they get from hard cocks being pushed up in their faces, and then they power trip by denying those cocks sweet release. There’s three ways to respond when a woman pulls this crap.

Putting yourself in a position where your safety and well-being depends on someone else’s ethics is not a good idea when it can be avoided.

I was reminded of that ludicrous statement tonight when I was catching up on Roissy’s blog. A reader emailed Roissy with a question: The other night I had this 18yo on the back of my car, we had made out a few time.

At their latest outing, Natacha, one of the group members, explained: “The point of our action is to denounce the ways in which men and women are treated differently.

Women’s bodies are systematically sexualized in a way that men’s bodies aren’t.” What you’re denouncing, babe, is nature.

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