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Read more about chat window customization and CSS customization.Unfortunately, agent’s email address cannot be changed.The Team, Business and Enterprise plans get access to the following reports: In the Team, Business and Enterprise plans, each report can be filtered by a particular agent, group of agents or tag.The Business and Enterprise plans include an engine for on-demand reports, which will prove to be invaluable for data-driven companies.

First : may be it can happened when you still looking or having an AV chat online then one people who's having AV chat with you is leaving the room or disconnected from the chat.It means that your visitors can leave messages via ticket form and contact you even after your office hours.You can answer these messages in the Tickets section.If you are the owner and want to change your login email, first create a new agent with the new email and then pass the ownership to the new account before deleting the old one.When all your agents go offline, your Live Chat switches to offline mode.

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