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Once I was working in the Accounts department, and one of the office girls had some difficulty in doing an entry. There were a few of us there, and we were sitting on her friend’s bed. She looked so sexy that night and I just couldn't wait to pound her pussy with my now pulsating cock. She teased me so badly, I just wanted to shove my cock down her throat.

She turned around and her hand accidentally touched my fly. I told her, “It’s OK - it happens.” But she flushed and put my hand on her shoulder. Then she put her hand on my hand, planted a kiss on it, and dragged it down to her boob. I reached in from the top of her shirt, stroking her tits and moving down towards her cleavage. I let out a brief groan, and she put her hands on the shaft.I used one hand to go up her shirt and grab her little pink nipples.She moaned and screamed, not caring about anyone who may hear us, and I didn’t care either.Both of us came together and I could feel the juice rolling down her thigh to the floor. Ever since then, we always fuck every Monday at her house when her husband isn’t home. She started unbuttoning her pants, but just then, we heard her friend coming back up the stairs.Then we stood up and promised to have a second round on the office table. She said her husband never fucks her, only when he wants to. I had been going out with this guy for a while but we had never had sex. We rapidly zipped our pants back up and tried to look casual.

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