Edward nortons dating status

He signed up to the job as a co-writer as well as a star.I think he did this because there were some interesting ideas in the last Hulk, directed by Ang Lee [from 2003], which was a serious film, though it turned out to be an intriguing box-office failure.So one would have expected Edward Norton, the star of The Incredible Hulk, opening in cinemas worldwide today, to have a busy diary.But yesterday it emerged that Norton has embarked on a month-long holiday to Africa. The movie is competing with a bevy of Hollywood rivals, including another recent comic adaptation, Iron Man."I could have made Edward a great suit without having to go through millions of phone calls and negotiations," Ruhm told the film magazine Premiere."In the end, I didn't want him to wear those clothes but ...The press surrounding his curriculum vitae paints a portrait of an ambitious 38-year-old control freak aiming to punch above his weight.

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Yet he is still more than willing to throw his sometimes monstrous weight around.Norton is believed to have come on board with The Incredible Hulk role because he saw some kind of potential in the Bruce Banner character.As Dan Jolin, features editor of the film magazine Empire, explains: "I think Norton is very serious in a sense.His absence will affect the publicity." While the Los Angeles Times reports that Norton has in all likelihood sealed his image as "a prickly perfectionist", others have not been so kind, labelling him not so much the Incredible Hulk, as the Incredible Sulk.This is not the first time Norton has provoked controversy.

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