Docotrs dating and courtship

Continuing these traditions reminds us and our children that we are part of something bigger than just us, than just our little family and our daily struggles.

We make it a point to read from the scriptures every day together. The atmosphere in our home is different, it is more peaceful and happier.

But, sometimes it feels like even our common goals are intangible and quite distant.

One thing that we decided to do before we started medical school was become involved together in a hobby. It immediately became a ton of fun for us and continues to be an exciting part of our relationship together.

The friends I have made with other doctors' wives during the years in medical school, intern year, and now residency have become near life-lines for me. We are involved in such different activities every day, and our worries and problems could not possibly be more different.

Of course we love each other, we love our children, and we are unified in our desire to have a strong family and serve the community we live in.

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