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I admit, I burst into tears a few times because it could get overwhelming being alone and my husband’s eyes would grow big and he’d be like, “Um..it’s okay? It’s pretty typical to experience shorter call times during deployment.

If they've enabled Face Time in Settings and activated their service, you can chat over international boundaries or across the ocean for free.

Once you've entered contact details, Face Time availability automatically shows up in Contacts.

Don't forget to add the " " sign needed for International calling.

There were no significant lags beyond what you'd normally expect with Vo IP, i.e. [No special hacking required] If your airplane offers in-air Wi-Fi that allows Face Time traffic, you can call home while cruising thousands of feet above the ground.

somewhere between hardly noticeable and nonexistent. When calling from a plane, you'll want to use a headset with a microphone as social conditions and ambient noise can make it awkward to talk at normal volumes when surrounded by neighbors trying to catch up on their reading or watch movies.

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