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Past attendees do not need to undergo the screening process.REMINDERS:*You must be legally single or not in a relationship to join our events.*This event start post dinner at pm and end at pm. “It wasn’t ideal to mix X-acto knives, sharp cardboard and a slippery floor, but I agreed to hold the event because it was for Sherwin,” explains Haslett. “I prefer events that are unpredictable, like Love Letter Reading Aloud or the Bawling League, where people tell sad stories. It was the strangest event I’d ever done.” Tjia can have a hard time renting venues for his events, especially in Ottawa. Then they get me.” It worked with Andy Haslett, owner of Dovercourt House in Toronto, where Tjia staged his Cardboard Fort Night in June.We request you to come on time so that you have a chance to settle in and meet everyone before the music is turned up.*If you are not on the guest list, you won’t be let in.*If you haven’t made a pre-payment, you will be charged Rs 2,000 (cash only) at the gate.*We try our best to maintain a balanced ratio of men and women, and request you to inform us in case you have a change of plans.*Come with an open mind, and be ready to Mix & Mingle!We will be around to introduce members to each other, however, we encourage you to be proactive too! We suggest exchanging email/Facebook IDs before phone numbers.*If someone asks us for your contact information after the event, we will share your email ID with them unless you’ve specifically asked us not to.*Please refrain from using the events to promote your business.*Valet service will be available at the venue*The fee is non-refundable, and cannot be used for a future event.The venue will be disclosed post the screening process.ATTIRE: Smart Casual Mask PAYMENT METHOD: To be disclosed post the screening process SCREENING PROCESS: All new attendees are required to fill out the registration form and undergo a brief phone interview.

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This uncommercial approach sounds more like performance art than event promotion.

In May, Holmes dropped the L-word following a phone call with Foxx.

PHOTOS: Unlikely celebrity couples "She said she loved him," another source told Us at the time.

actress, 36, “put on a wig and hat to meet him at a hotel.” PHOTOS: Katie's red carpet evolution The relationship is a multi-city operation: While Holmes, who has been filming All We Had in NYC, supported the Grammy winner, 47, following his Aug. The soon-to-be fourth grader, 9, the source adds, needed to be back in time for school. 7 trip to Disneyland while Mom visited Foxx’s Thousand Oaks, Calif. PHOTOS: Katie and Tom Cruise -- the way they were “Katie is so in love,” adds the insider.

22 SLS Las Vegas gig, “Katie sent Suri from NYC to L. “I don’t know if he’s dating other women, but she isn’t dating other men.

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