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He opposed his superior’s plan to shut down Dolly for this exact reason. If the shutdown happens suddenly, what happens to the locals there who are also citizens of Surabaya? “We were thinking about their fates from the beginning. The government was so keen to rid Dolly of prostitution that they neglected to consider the economic needs of the locals. For all its worth, the city government is slowly trying to transform Dolly into a thriving industrial area.“The reality is that the government only gave financial compensation of Rp 5 million (around US$ 400) each to prostitutes and pimps [to leave Dolly]. When we were there, Dolly had been officially shut down for five months, but only one brothel had been renovated into a working factory.There were a surprising number of kids in the neighborhood, and one can only wonder how they would have been influenced by the thriving brothels of Dolly’s yesteryears.Saving children from the effects of prostitution But the fates of the local adults who depended on Dolly’s sex industry hangs in the balance.The thousands of other citizens affected by the shutdown didn’t get compensated. They named it the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Center.It is effectively a small factory that produces whatever is being demanded of them.

She believes that the problem of prostitution is a humanitarian issue, not a religious or political matter.These issues, along with other political and social implications of such an abrupt shutdown, still linger today.We visited Surabaya five months after Dolly’s official shutdown.Brothels also generally enforced the government’s “100% condom use” approach to HIV prevention among sex workers.But girls working in Surabaya’s new underground sex trade often report feeling too afraid to force their clients to use condoms.

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  1. Feb 17, 2015. For example. sex workers in Dolly used to receive monthly HIV and STD checks from the city health department. Brothels also generally enforced the government's “100% condom use” approach to HIV prevention among sex workers. But girls working in Surabaya's new underground sex trade often report.… continue reading »

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    Mar 13, 2015. One region in Indonesia supplies a hugely disproportionate number of the country's prostitutes, many of them in their mid-teens. Michael Bachelard visits.… continue reading »

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    May 24, 2015. If you go to the right clubs and approach girls in the appropriate way, you are also almost certain not to end your night alone this is of course without paying. If you use online dating apps, you will be surprised at how popular you will be and how easily you can get dates. Jakarta is a huge, 20-million.… continue reading »

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    I was recently part of a group along with a friend of mine who was out on a date with an Indonesian girl. During the conservation she mentioned she was Catholic and someone commented that she was therefore surely a virgin. Her deadpan reply was 'a virgin in Jakarta; you must be joking'.… continue reading »

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