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But these guys don't exactly look like the marble statues of the men they're portraying..they open their mouths, the words that tumble out are a fervid mix of contemporary street talk, wild and florid declarations of ambition and, oh yes, elegant phrases from momentous political documents you studied in school...

And you never doubt for a second that these eclectic words don't belong in proximity to one another... Miranda's Hamilton, a propulsive mix of hubris and insecurity, may be the center of the show. That would be history itself, that collision of time and character that molds the fates of nations and their inhabitants.

Jonathan Groff has inherited the role of King George from Brian d'Arcy James, and finds new levels of comic brilliance in his short but convulsively funny appearances...

And the lovely, pure-voiced Renée Elise Goldsberry's Angelica Schuyler will make you demand a spinoff musical all her own.

But it does so in such riotously entertaining fashion that it never feels like a history lesson, although it surely delivers one...

Largely unaltered from its original production save for one important cast change, the lyrically dense show makes an even greater impact on the large Broadway stage, which provides ample room for its large ensemble.

The jagged, sly poetry and overlapping storytelling barrel through, dense and fast, except when choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler's lusciously visceral dancers shock us in slow motion. But there has been nothing on Broadway in the past 20 years to rival the riveting, exhilarating and haunting Hamilton (**** out of four stars), which...opened Thursday at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, its vitality and ingenuity fully intact...

Miranda, who plays Hamilton with wit and an exquisitely endearing inelegance, doesn't preach... As written and played by Miranda, Hamilton..a man of ferocious intelligence, enormous drive and devastating flaws.

The almost entirely sung-through show is remarkably faithful to the historical facts, packing immense amounts of detail into its sprawling narrative.

The performers have only gotten better, with Miranda in the title role...delivering a commanding star turn that is as charismatic as it is emotionally affecting.

But there's also terrific work from Leslie Odom, Jr.

He better conveys Hamilton's cockiness, contrition and all-too-human flaws.

The charismatic Daveed Diggs aces his roles and lends laughs as Thomas Jefferson and the French general Lafayette.

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