Dating brooch clasps

One manner of establishing if the brooch is a very early piece is to examine the pin itself.

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After a short time of familiarizing yourself with the styles from different eras, you’ll naturally begin to accumulate knowledge about the materials used in necklaces during that time period, as well.These days most modern jewellery uses the later style of locking C clasp.It is still possible to find modern pieces using unlocking C clasps or trombone clasps however generally these types of clasps were used on older brooch styles.This type of clasp uses this push pull method of closing. The clasp was generally used by designers in Europe and can be found on more modern pins up to the middle of 20th early C clasp continued to be exteremely popular and was used on jewellery until the early 1900s when the safety catch was created.Earlier versions of C clasps had the longer pins and those used nearer to the invention of the locking C clasps had shorter pins as the wearers clothes fabric became less thick.

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