Dating beanie babies

Retired Beanies also have a little retired symbol on them.

Bonus cards are very similar in form to the common cards except that they use gold printing on them.

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On the fronts is a framed picture of one or more Beanies." He went on to say "If you like, you can make the first announcement anywhere about our new celebrity photo book. The subtitle is: "100 Celebrities Who Died Young." " I encourage everyone to help Les out and to check out his sites.The animals had tags that included the name and birth date of the Beanie Baby, plus a cute little poem describing the animal.My prized possession was the Princess Diana Bear that I kept in a plastic box. To this day I'm convinced I could retire at the age of 27 if I still had that damn bear."Emily Popp, Writer: I was into American Girl Dolls, so by the time Beanie Babies rolled around I was too exhausted from collecting my Samantha doll that I didn't have it in me to really get into it.But I also didn't want to be ostracized for not having any.

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