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“My apartment is on the tenth floor and when the kitchen light was on at night we would get nervous because we knew that they [Serbians] could see us.” I asked her why they didn’t black out.“This was during the cease-fire, all of last year we fretted!From Lithuania to Armenia, political boundarics were replaced with ethnic national ones.In time, the changes came down to nonaligned Yugoslavia.

She fled from Vukovar, a once picturesque baroque town, now a pile of rubble in Serb-occupied Croatia. Pseudosocialists with large illicit bank accounts, hiding behind an ideology.

An evil phrase has entered our vocabulary: “Ethnic cleansing” is the user-friendly way to say genocide.

Mass executions, concentration camps, torture, and rape are being implemented by the Serbian government and local Serb warlords on the non-Serb population of Bosnia-Herzegovina and parts of Croatia.

” (Croatia is experiencing a shaky peace through the UN-brokered cease-fire of last year.) During the bombardment she tended to the wounded.

“I had to leave nursing, all that kept me going was my heart, my compassion for people.

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