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The security search process for visitors, and any delays getting prisoners out of their cells mean that a two-hour visit can easily end up being half an hour shorter.Women with children usually bring them – so time spent alone, partner-to-partner, is a rarity.“The trust had been broken to a certain degree because of the offence he had committed,” she explains.“Going forward it was all about, ‘So what are we going to do to rebuild our relationship and rebuild the trust?

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Stuart Horner is serving a life sentence for murder at HMP Manchester and told the court that prisoners not being able to have sex with their partners was having a far bigger effect than we might think.Unlike Josie, Debbie wasn’t aware of the full extent of her husband’s crimes when he was sentenced.As a result, his time in prison became an opportunity for the couple to rebuild the trust in their relationship.“When he went to prison I just told him, ‘If you want me to remain with you for these years, I have to see everything now, I need to know everything, I want the power of attorney because I’m going to sort everything out now.’”Prison visits became integral to this – yet sexual intimacy wasn't something Debbie even considered.But what about keeping a relationship together during a prison sentence?The Howard League for Penal Reform estimates that this is the reality for approximately 80,000 women in the UK who have a partner incarcerated in a British jail.

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