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This strip features a group of older women and men dealing with the perils and perks of being old, the rules of chocolate, and dealing with families.

Flo and Friends is graceful, poignant, full of humor.

)When she's attracted to someone: Staci: So, anyway..., Uhhh..., Oh, yeah, as I was saying...

Office Friend: Jered seems really interested in you! We've gone out several times, and I think he's starting to get serious -- he calls me "Honey" all the time. Jered: That's the woman from accounting bringing me the files I requested...

It’s a comic full of girl-on-girl action, chicks with guns, a vegan menace, vintage Winnebagos, drag queens, and downward career spirals. In short, Jane is a magnet for the kind of drama that makes for good comedy. Paige Braddock At the core of Just Say Uncle is the friendship of Uncle Norm and his nephew, Bobby.

Bobby idolizes his uncle, who seems to know a bit about everything, from Abraham Lincoln to alien invasions to time travel.

Rona: Wasn't Billy the guy who barely spoke to you.

When kids get bigger and older but don't actually grow up, what do you get? Visit St THE CAST Harvey: A nice guy, frustrated with the adult world. See why Beardo has been a fan favorite for NINE years, and is the back-to-back winner of the Shel Dorf Award for Best Syndicated Comic Strip in 20.

Delivery Woman: She definitely wants me -- she moved her purse to show me her figure! Trying to keep Norm from stretching the truth too far is his lovely wife Dotty.Dan Pavelich Liberty Meadows is the very popular strip by Frank Cho. Martha: What if he meant a "friendly" lunch, and he's not interested in me in a romantic way? I'm going to call Jered for lunch, so he'll be thinking about me!

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