Chris evans and robert downey jr dating

Evans: You’ll have to wait and see…Downey: But I think Ruffalo was really the right guy at the right time.

And he doesn’t really want to hang out but there’s business? Yeah…Q: In the comics, they sometimes figure out a way to mellow the Hulk out.

(laughs)Downey: “I have three pages and they all seem to fit into the flow of this conversation…” Great, you f*cking right it…Q: Tony’s past is connected to Cap in some ways. Downey: Could you imagine if you met your long-lost brother that was, at one time, your Dad’s favorite and all the sudden you sit down together? And hopefully it’s enough to last, even into sequels. Downey: Well, he’s on a lot of growth hormones right now.

Q: Robert, is there a throughline for Tony in this movie and an arc that may be picked up in “Iron Man 3”? Downey: I tried to have that in my contract for every scene. Q: Does the Hulk always rampage around or can he be mellow when you need him to?

Q: We’ve seen Tony Stark in California for so long, so does the movie get into how things have shifted to New York? Can you talk about who Cap and Tony both align and clash with? Speaking like Tony now: “I just don’t like big guys who speak cryptically and act like they understand the language better than me, guys with trippy brothers and all that stuff.” Whereas we [Cap and Tony] have something that is multi-faceted. And you’re catching us here in one of the transition points. I think at least for this movie, Cap is struggling to find his footing in a modern day. A little more uncomfortable in his own skin than he normally might be, and he’s not hitting the ground running. I think Joss and Kevin [Feige] and the other creative team has been able to do, is that nothing is definite. That’s probably the one thing I’ve never gotten to do before. Evans: I think it’s a well that will keep on giving. "But the passing of time and the passing of torches is part of the experience. There’s a beauty in that departure, even if it can be sad at times. Superheroes are re-inventable entities, like Batman or even James Bond.These movies find new incarnations and new ways to tell the story. "However they want to proceed after , it’s really up to them. I remember at Comic-Con a season or two ago, there was all this promise of… DC has tried to do this before and Marvel kinda said we’re going to do it and formulated a way to do it correctly. Evans: Well, I think they’re heroes in their own right. I was just thinking, it seems to me that the logical progression from the lessons Tony learns from War Machine in “Iron Man 2,” that he kinda picked up, there’s this extra layer now that he’s connected to this dark legacy so it’s almost like dealing with Frankenstein but Frankenstein has lessons that you actually haven’t learned yet. Evans: (sighs) I don’t want to give anything away…Downey: I wanna know!So if something does need to change, their anchor is so solid. Evans: I mean it when I say I look around sometimes and… If it all makes sense so that when we’re all together in one place you go, “How did that happen?

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