Cassie scerbo and michael copon dating

After dating hotshots such as Michael Copon, Cody Longo, (ex-fiancee) Doug Reinhardt, and Josh Bowman, we cannot wait to know more about this sexy artist’s new love interest.

starlet tweeted the confirmation yesterday evening, saying, “Flowers sent to set = wonderful boyfriend ;) @Doug Reinhardt1.” The new couple hosted Stop Staring Fashion Show earlier last month.

CAST Michael Copon (Power Rnagers Time Force) Karen David (Red Lights) Simon Quarterman (Westworld) Tom Wu (Kick-Ass 2) Andreas Wisniewski(Mission Impossible) Randy Couture (The Expendables) Natalie Becker (The World Unseen) Mathayus aims to avenge the death of his father at the hand of Sargon, now king of Akkad, by taking service in his Black Scorpions squad.

After completing his training he is tasked by Sargon to kill Noah, Mathayus’s own brother.

After a year of her breakup with Copon, she started dating American actor Cody Longo.

They started dating since 18th February 2009 and ended their relationship after a year in September 2010.

Since Scerbo has not spoken anything regarding her relationship with Taylor, so it is still a mystery whether they are just good friends or dating. taken-by=cassiescerbo Besides this, she seems to happily enjoy her company. taken-by=cassiescerbo Scerbo once dated American actor Michael Copon.

Cassie just recently ended a long-term relationship with Cody Longo.

Doug previously dated Amanda Bynes and Paris Hilton.

She hasn’t made any statement regarding her relationship status and neither she is publicly seen with anyone.

But rumors have it that she is currently in a secret and undisclosed relationship with a mystery man.

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