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Now, the question some of you are asking is, Have I ever hooked up with a cam girl in real life? But most of them prefer to keep the interactions virtual, be it for their security and privacy, or just because the men tend to remain more interested while the fantasy is not realized. So, yes, it does happen, but live cams are definitely where I fulfill most of my sexual desires and fantasies these days.

And with the amount of awesome girls are out there and how good the cams and the technology is these days, I really don't see myself ever going back.

💚 This week was amazing 💚 So happy I was able to get to Vegas for AVN despite some flight and weather hiccups. Also wanna thank @My Free Cams for all the love and support, I’ve never been happier to be apart of something!! Taking a moment to say I am forever grateful and a big thank you to @My Free Cams for showing me the light in life, teaching me to love myself and live better!

Useful when staging new content prior to its release, or hiding old content instead of deleting it.

It's a bit more difficult to find a couple on cam who you want to watch have sex.

But it definitely can be done and I have had some very good couples cam experiences.

Cam sites have tens of thousands of performers, like Rabbits Cams for instance, with dozens of new ones appearing every day offering much appreciated variety and freshness.

Although, many guys fall for one particular model and that may leave them wanting more when she disappears. I often find myself really enjoying a certain angle and/or position in a porn movie only to have the camera angle change and the performers switch positions.

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