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The topics most sensitive for the UAE are those the state views as offensive to adherents of Islam.

These include pornography, gambling, homosexuality, and other cultural issues.

Compared to most other countries in the world, UAE's filtering is extensive.

The news media, the sole Internet service provider (ISP), and Internet-based content providers in the UAE all face stringent legal controls on expression and access to information.

These tools download the ONI testing lists and check whether specific URLs and domains are accessible from that point on the network.

Interrogation devices are designed to run inside a state (i.e., behind its firewall) to perform specific, sensitive functions with varying degrees of stealth.

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ONI performs technical testing across multiple levels of access at multiple time intervals.

[and] publishing opinions violating public decency, what purports to inciting hate crimes, confidential communications or military affairs or provisions of agreements or treaties concluded by the government before being published in the official gazette.

The law further prohibits publishing anything that involves blemishing any Arab, Islamic or friendly country president.

These remote computers are located behind the state's firewalls yet allow access to clients connecting from the wider Internet.

We attempt to access the URL and domain name lists through these computers to reveal what content is filtered, and how consistently it is blocked.

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