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It’s a tried and tested perspective, but considering Switch is powerful enough to support a more varied approach, it immediately dates a game launching on the e Shop in 2018.There’s also very little fanfare or bells and whistles when it comes to presentation.These coins can then be spent in the Premium Pool Arena on new cues and balls.Each one says it offers improved stats but the controls are so drab you’d never really know you were playing with an Epic-rated Battle Axe. There’s also a Speed mode for clearing the table of all balls in the fastest possible time.Even if you manage to master its clunky controls, not even the world’s best pool players could pull off that many near-impossible shots in a row.

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So when a game comes along with the words ‘Premium’ ‘Arena’ in the title, you'd be forgiven for feeling your eyebrows raising in unbridled skepticism.Even you opponents are resigned to static character portraits.When compared to the likes of Pure Pool or Hustle Kings on other platforms, with their at least vaguely atmospheric backgrounds and lighting, Premium Pool Arena feels more budget than deluxe.Considering regular matches - which make up most of the game’s modes - use a timer for each player’s shot, you’ll spend most of your time trying to line up a fiddly guideline before fluffing it as the seconds tick down.Considering even the forgettable Pool Billiard managed to at least pack in motion controls, you’re left wondering how anyone thought this was an acceptable control scheme for a game all about precision.

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