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I have to say from the one that was uploaded a few days ago to this one, a lot of progress has been made.The criteria for stuff to happen seems to bea bit too high (or maybe that's just because they were removed for the demo? Well, there's a variety of odd actions that exist in the flash, though it looks like there aren't any moving animations, and the limit of what you can get is a knees-and-up nude of Cream, and thighs-and-up underwear shot for Sonic.

The only matters of opinion in this article are in the section on "Problems" that I added to make the article less like an advertisement.

: D the peeping stat only goes up when you continue to tickle cream after playing the example: after playing marco polo and you "jerk off" in the deep end but stop to see what cream wants, the game says you get peeping 1 but the journal says I diddn't gain an additional peeping stat point same goes if I choose to continue to jerk off when cream calls for me in the pool For those with complaints, please remember that this is the BETA version of the game.

The first posting was an Alpha test, this is the Beta.

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