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It’s good, important stuff, but it doesn’t necessarily tell Americans who they are — the dreams and goals of ordinary people, how we describe ourselves.

So in 2010, when the most recent census came out, artist R.

This text map of the Bay Area, for instance, has the most positive buzzwords, like “spirituality,” “create” and “purpose.” It also includes some pretty obvious ones like “gay” in San Francisco, “liberal” in Santa Cruz and “young” in Oakland.

You can see how each part of the country has evolved.

You know that feeling you get when you’re hanging with a gal-pal who’s been scrolling through Instagram the whole time, barely listening to your big news or latest updates? ) If you’re willing to give your friends your focus why not do the same for yourself? For so long I had built an identity based on my relationships with other people.

Every ten years, the US government takes a national census to find out who lives where, what they do for work, the languages they speak and more.

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Du Bois: North Brooklyn is one of the more interesting maps, because it really illustrates the culture that’s taken root there.This allowed him to browse some 19 million people’s dating profiles. To analyze the words they used to describe themselves.Du Bois used a technique called term frequency-inverse document frequency, or tf-idf, to measure how frequently a unique word appears in a specific zip code, while discounting words used often across many zip codes.might be what they call a “serial dater.”Already, this week I’ve been out on multiple dates (and it’s only Wednesday). My “date” isn’t on the way, nor is he late, or in the bathroom. In a city full of strangers and an impending case of cabin fever, I left my little basement suite to meet myself, exactly where I was at: lonely, lost, and looking for (self)love. Unsure of where I was going and unsure of who I would find when I got there.Right this very moment, I’m sitting in a trendy little bistro on Via Ghibbellina with a freshly poured glass of red wine in front of me. When I finally arrived — at a strip mall that housed a pizza joint, of all places — I sat myself down at a table for one, ordered a pizza big enough for two and resisted the urge to look at my phone for three whole hours.

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