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The next morning, the woman tells Bryan of a safe house where she and Kim were kept.

Posing as Jean-Claude, Bryan enters the house under the pretense of re-negotiating the police protection rate.

Based on previous history, Kim will disappear for good if not found within 96 hours.

Bryan flies to Paris, breaks into the apartment and finds Peter's reflection in a picture on Kim's phone.

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Retired CIA field agent Bryan Mills attempts to build a closer relationship with his 17-year-old daughter Kim, who lives with her mother Lenore and her wealthy stepfather Stuart.

Marko reveals that virgins like Kim are sold quickly due to their prized value.

Bryan pursues the yacht and eliminates the bodyguards, including Abil, before encountering Raman in his suite where he is holding Kim at knifepoint.

When Raman attempts to negotiate, Bryan kills him with a point-blank headshot.

Bryan enters a makeshift brothel in a construction yard, where he rescues a drugged young woman who has Kim's denim jacket.

After a gunfight and high-speed chase with the brothel's operators, Bryan takes the woman to a hotel where he treats her with improvised detoxification.

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