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Augusta, age 76, died on September 13, 1950, terribly crippled by rheumatoid arthritis, blinded by cataracts, and finally afflicted with a stroke.Source – family photo, about 1922, L-R: Gerald (10), Viola (14), Harold (6), Elda (18), Edgar (22), Cordelia (12), Renata (18) Source – author photo, Edgar in 1956 – 56 years old. He worked and lived on the farm until he passed away in 1988.Source – author photo, Edgar – late 1950s Renata died on September 29, 1943, a victim of breast cancer.Her husband, Erich, moved to a small home on the Pioneer Orchards farm next to Renata’s Nieman cousin whose wife became a surrogate mother to Glenrose.Elda, Gerald and Harold lived at home unmarried, and toward the beginning of World War II, Erich Heckendorf, Renata, and daughter Glenrose also moved in. After the anxiety and fear of the Depression was past, life was enjoyable and comfortable for many years. No medical remedies existed at that time to alleviate either the severe pain or the seriously crippling effect of the disease.Source – family photo, Early 1940s, L-R – back: Harold, Glenrose (Renata’s daughter) Edgar, Viola, Erwin, Elda, Renata; Children in front – Sylvia & Vivian (Viola’s daughters) and Marcella (Edgar’s daughter). As she grew older, she began to use a cane; in 1935, age 61, she began walking with crutches.

Viola helped to care for baby Marcella, Alice (deceased) and Edgar’s little daughter. Augusta was increasingly crippled by rheumatoid arthritis.

Augusta with her daughters – about 1945 Source – family photo, Augusta with her grandchildren – about 1946 Source – family photo, Augusta at the barn door by the cow yard, spring 1941.

Although she was immobilized, her children made sure that she wasn’t confined to the house.

She became a mother to Alice’s Marcella, cared for Augusta in her old age, and kept house for Edgar as well as Gerald and Harold while they were still bachelors. Source – author photo, Elda – about 1974 Source – author photo, Elda was proud of the bread she baked.

She also made the best chicken any of her relatives have ever dined on.

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