Accommodating cultural differences in the workplace

In relation to culture and ethnicity, recent statistics also show us that: These figures may be shocking to some and unsurprising to others, but what’s evident is that race appears to have quite an impact on who does and doesn’t make the cut.Your equality and diversity policy will help to redress the balance and prevent statistics like these from becoming the norm.This means that you cannot discriminate against a person based on any of these particular traits.Take a look at the list of protected characteristics below and consider which of them apply to you and your colleagues: Prosperous businesses don’t create their success story and then add in a diverse workforce as an added extra.

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In the USA this figure reaches over 121 million people.

In the UK, the working population is aging and there is a rapidly increasing amount of women and ethnic minorities entering the workforce.

Gone are the days where the ‘middle aged white man’ is the epitome of business. Does your workforce reflect your customers and clients?

It sounds obvious to state that we all deserve to work in an environment that’s free from discrimination, harassment, victimisation and bullying but, unfortunately, this isn’t always the reality once you start to delve behind the scenes of a business.

What’s more is that you may not even realise that your actions are denying certain people access to opportunities.

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